SOP Evolution

SOP Evolution

An organizations SOPs evolve over time, and with it comes copious amounts of changes. Having an automated SOP evolution module is important for any growing business – as well as documentation of the changes.  Automating your SOPs helps a company by centralizing all your data, making it easier to create, approve, and modify an organizations SOPs. SOPs also provide company insurance. With a systematized SOP operations in place, a company doesn’t have a need to rely on any single person for SOP knowledge or company advancement.

Gallup finds that only 41% of employees agree they “know what my organization stands for, and what makes our brand different from our competitors.” Only 23% say they can apply their company’s values to their work every day.

Benefits of Automated & Documented SOP Evolution

Provide Consistent and Efficient Employee Training & Onboarding

As your organization goes and grows through time, ensuring your employee training and onboarding is seamless is imperative. Pairing well with our Learning Management System, having a highly efficient automated SOP evolution module ensures you are giving the best information to your team!

Systemize Organizational Processes

Providing your team with unified company white papers, guides, and how to’s saves your organization time and money by increasing organizational efficiency.

Implement Automated Task Management Systems

By taking the guess-work out of project management and client/prospect follow-up, implementing an automated and documented SOP evolution module helps your team increase your organization’s revenue streams. This is especially beneficial for your sales team as it automates your employees’ sales cycle.

Improved Quality Control

By providing your team with automated quality checklists for SOPs, you can not only improve quality control, but improve your brand reputation as well.

Features of ModusOpus’ Automated SOP Evolution Module

  • Easily accessible
  • Version control
  • Custom workflow
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Added document security
  • Compliance
  • Better reporting and analytics