Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Having a knowledge base is valuable for you, your employees or franchisees. Not only do they have access to any information they need when they need it, but it is easy to update as information changes or evolves.

More Consistent Customer/Employee Support

Whether you are creating FAQs for clients or franchisees or wanting a base for your employees to get the information they need when they need it without diverting the attention of their superiors, one massive benefit to ModusOpus’ knowledge base is having a one-stop-shop for information. *Bonus* You can customize who sees what information!

Peer-to-Peer Support

Increase self-worth, positivity, confidence and more by having colleagues support other colleagues. Positively impact your bottom line by increasing camaraderie within your organization.

Live Updates

Keep information relevant and up-to-date with live updates. Especially with the changing Covid-19 restrictions, it is more important than ever to have the correct information up and available for your readers.

Open Discussion Forums

Encourage peer-to-peer support, see what topics are trending within your organization, share challenges, provide an outlet to share ideas, and create threads and discussions for future reference!

Obtain Valuable Specialized Knowledge of People in the Field

Why reinvent the wheel when you have specialists in your organization? Easily tap into their expertise without dragging them away from the task at hand.

Search Ability

With our smart search functions, you can find an organization, individual, FAQs and specific topics at the click of a button. Find everything you need and more quickly and efficiently.

Imbedded Content

Content such as video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, and more can be embedded within the knowledge base further helping employees, franchisees or consumers find the information they need to make better decisions.