Role-Based Authentication

As your business grows, customers, partners, vendors and employees all need access to specific data your organization provides. As such, it becomes increasingly challenging to control and monitor who can access what IT resources. This is where our role-based authentication module shines: you dictate who gets to see what information, and when they can see it!

74% of employees have the feeling they are missing out on company news – according to a Gallup poll.

Benefits of Role-Based Authentication

Get employees and contractors up and running quicker.

Faster onboarding saves companies time, money and costly training. Get your employees and contractors doing what they do best, so your organization can operate more efficiently as a whole.

Secured data stays secured.

Protecting your employees, customers and industry advantage is crucial for any organization. Role-based authentication control systems allow for this protection in an efficient and reliable way. When this module is implemented in your organization, access and privileges for users are determined based on their role within the company (a “need-to-know” basis). Once these roles are set, the desired level of security can be easily maintained for hundreds of thousands of employees.

Addresses compliance needs

Compliance is an important part of any organization, and ModusOpus’ role-based authentication module segments responsibilities and accountability for your employees. This cuts down on unnecessary disruptions in your employees workday as everyone more fully understands their roles and functions within the organization.

Decreases administrative work

When a new employee goes through onboarding, or if a current team member changes departments, our role-based authentication module eliminates the need for additional paperwork and password changes to grant and remove network access. These systems can be set up to allow for an easier switch of the designated role and faster assimilation into the workflow.

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