Workforce Experience

Workforce experience includes all the connections between employees and their colleagues, leaders, and employers; encompassing personal, physical, digital, and organizational elements. Essentially, a positive workforce experience for your employees and managers increases your bottom line. ModusOpus helps provide that positive experience by streamlining systems, reducing additional time-consuming administrative work, and by clarifying roles and processes for your team.

The Benefits of a Positive Workforce Experience

Reduces Costs

High-pressure work environments take their toll on a company’s bottom line. As an example, medical costs and expenses from sick days increase, the costs associated with a disengaged workforce, and the expenses from a lack of loyalty all result from a negative workforce experience. ModusOpus automates systems, increases communication, accountability and improves company culture by streamlining a company’s processes.

Fosters Social Connections Between Employees

Positive social interactions at work directly affect the body’s physiological processes, and as a result, an employee’s efficiency and effectiveness in their role. According to Heaphy & Dutton (2008), positive social interactions serve to bolster physiological resourcefulness by fortifying the cardiovascular, immune, and neuroendocrine systems through immediate and enduring decreases in cardiovascular reactivity, strengthened immune responses, and healthier hormonal patterns.

Happier Employees

Bottom line, happy employees not only have a multiplying effect on those working with them, but they also breed a culture of productivity and efficiency. Communication increases, health and wellness increases and costs to sick days are reduced.

ModusOpus’ Modules that Promote Workforce Experience

SOP Evolution

An organizations SOPs evolve over time, and with it comes copious amounts of changes. Having an automated SOP evolution module is important for any growing business – as well as documentation of the changes.  Automating your SOPs helps a company by centralizing all your data, making it easier to create, approve, and modify an organizations SOPs. SOPs also provide company insurance. With a systematized SOP operations in place, a company doesn’t have a need to rely on any single person for SOP knowledge or company advancement.

Document Management

An automated document management system is important for any growing business.  Automating your document management helps a company by centralizing all your data which makes it easier to create, approve, and distribute all documents. Not only does this save companies time and money, but it also minimizes human error.

Mobile Applications

Many organizations are finding it difficult to stay streamlined, organized and efficient when there are multiple applications in use. Having your own branded mobile application – a one-stop place for your employees and/or clients to find what they need, when they need it isn’t just handy, it increases efficiency as well!

Role-Based Authentication

As your business grows, customers, partners, vendors and employees all need access to specific data your organization provides. As such, it becomes increasingly challenging to control and monitor who can access what IT resources. This is where our role-based authentication module shines: you dictate who gets to see what information, and when they can see it!