Document Management

Document Management

An automated document management system is important for any growing business.  Automating your document management helps a company by centralizing all your data which makes it easier to create, approve, and distribute all documents. Not only does this save companies time and money, but it also minimizes human error.

Businesses waste an average of $20,000 on document issues, according to Nitro Studies.

Benefits of Automated Document Management

Reduced Storage Space.

Storage efficiency enables your organization to store the maximum amount of data for the lowest cost and accommodate rapid data growth while consuming less space. This increases your bandwidth and helps with faster loading times.

Enhanced Security.

Implementing information security in an organization can protect your company’s technology and information assets it uses by preventing, detecting and responding to internal and external threats. Protecting confidential and vital information for both you and your clients is a great benefit of automated document management and SOP evolution.

Improved Regulatory Compliance.

An automated regulatory compliance program has positive benefits and outcomes for businesses, and they also protect the interests of clients.  Improved automated regulatory compliance helps your business by reducing risk, loss of data, provides better insights and business strategy alignment, all while maintaining and even improving your brands reputation.

Easier Retrieval.

With our automated documentation management system and easy search functionality, you and your employees can more easily access the information you need when you need it!

Better Collaboration.

Aside from aiding in employee engagement, our automated documentation management system helps your organization by keeping everyone involved in projects aligned while providing more productive meetings and teamwork.

Better Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Automated backups minimize lost data and improves data recovery. This not only adds to your company’s reliability, but it protects against power failures, and safeguards against failed hard drives.

Features of ModusOpus’ Automated Document Management System

  • Smart document input
  • Automated document indexing
  • Improved document search
  • Faster document processing
  • Improved workflow automation
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Document security
  • Data protection
  • Customizable brand recognition